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UNION Cartidge Bearings - Technical information

  • Every part on your bike that rotates or pivots needs a bearing. Most of these bearings are cartridge bearings that can be easily replaced when broken or worn out. But in the bicycle industry there are many different types and dimensions of bearings used, for which you need to find exactly the same type/dimension to fix your bike.

    Bearings are used by the billions all over the world in any type of industry, for which different specs and tolerances have been developed. Most industries rely on world famous bearing makers like SKF and NSK. Within the bicycle industry the bearings in new bikes are sourced by the component makers for hubs, bottom brackets, headsets, pedals and the suspension frame makers. Within the bicycle industry there are 4 bearing makers that supply more than 90% of all bearings to these component makers.

    Under its UNION brand, Marwi set up a corporation with these 4 bearing makers to offer a complete assortment of almost all bearings that you can find in any bike. And these are the original bearings used by the bike brands.

    UNION cartridge bearings are made according to ABEC-3 specs, the common precision within the bicycle industry. Both the races (rings) and balls are made of CrMO steel hardened upto HRA 66. All cartridge bearings are completed with two rubber seals (2RS), similar to LLB, that create a light (slidy) contact. Due to the usage of the high-end Multemp SRL grease a low noice and long life can be guaranteed.

    On top of the standard cartridge bearings we also offer a wide range of ceramic bearings for hub/wheel and bottom bracket made according to ABEC-5 specs. The balls made from Si3N4 Silicon Nitride are hardened upto HRA 89 with special grease Multemp PS2.

    Choosing an original UNION cartridge bearing from Marwi is your right choice!