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Marwi Europe

europe1 The sales and distribution organization for Europe is located in Rotterdam (Holland) and started its activities in May 2000.

Marwi Europe's sales staff grew in the last 7 years up to 12 persons in 4 different countries. Besides the staff in the Rotterdam office there is 3 person office in Germany (for both sales and technical support) and sales agents in France and the UK.

For the OEM market Marwi Europe has strong positions due to its wide range of pedals, saddles, dynamos and steel / aluminium hubs. Most of these products are stocked in big quantities for immediate shipment.

Especially for the aftermarket Marwi Europe can supply from stock a big range of bicycle components packed on the famous Marwi packing cards. All cards carry a full product description in 4 languages (English, German, French and Dutch) and are always BAR coded.
europe2 Marwi Europe's warehousing and distribution is serviced by Frans Maas (part of DFDS / DSV), Europe's biggist logistic company with offices in all European countries. From Marwi Europe's European Warehouse almost all items listed in the catalogue or presented on this website can be delivered Just-in-Time to customers in Northwest and South Europe.

The inventory of Marwi Europe is nowdays one of the biggest in Europe's bicycle-component-industry. Almost all orders for both our OEM and aftermarket customers can be supplied immediately from stock. And due to its strategic location in the "Port of Europe" Marwi Europe guarantees a 24/48-hour delivery to virtually all customers in Northwest and South Europe.

Marwi Taiwan

taiwan Located in the city of Ta-Chia (the "hometown of the bicycle"), Marwi situated its global headquarter.

Also the offices of Marwi Taiwan are located in the same building, that is equiped with a state-of-the-art computer and communication system. Marwi Taiwan takes care for sales of all Marwi products in Asia and South America.

Furthermore Marwi Taiwan manages all sourcing of subcontracted product for Marwi Europe.

Besides its office at Marwi's global headquarter, Marwi Taiwan runs a factory with building space of 2400 m2 and some 50 employees, also located in the city of Ta-Chia.

The factory includes 2 high-end pedal lines and the nightpro lighting system assembly line. Four high-tech CNC macines are in use for the production of parts and injection tooling.

Furthermore Marwi Taiwan produces titanium spokes, mainly for the USA market.

Marwi Indonesia

indonesia The main pedal and saddle plant of the Marwi Group is located just 50 km west of the Indonesian capital, Jakarta.

With 56,200 m2 of building space and over 800 employees, Marwi Indonesia is the largest production unit within Marwi Group. The output of Marwi Indonesia is presently more than 1.5 million pairs of pedals per month, which makes Marwi Indonesia the largest production unit of pedals in the world.

Besides pedals, Marwi Indonesia also produces saddles, water bottle cages, seat clamp and QR.

Marwi CZ

czech In the city of Decin (100 km north of the Czech capital, Prague), Marwi CZ houses the distribution centre for the eastern part of Europe. With its staff of 7 persons, almost all products listed in Marwi catalogue or on the website can be delivered Just-In-Time to customers in Central and East Europe.

Marwi CZ also offers the possibility to label all aftemarket-packed products with a local language product description (Czech, Polish, Hungarian, etc.).