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Product Description

Product Description and Application

  • A bicycle pedal with "non-slip" tread areas on both sides and a durable Polypropylene body, specially designed to be use on e-bikes. Can also be used for city, trekking and hybrid bikes.


  • The new "light weight" ball bearing system gives substantial weight and height reductions
  • The pedals comes with integrated and approved retro-reflectors on both sides and a bearing system

Technical Information

Pedal type

  • "2 Component Pedal" comes with:
  • Polypropylene body, black
  • Extra-large tread surfaces made with a TPE (Thermo-Plastic-Elastomer) "non slip" in grey.


  • Adjustable and light weight cone ball bearing system, on both sides
  • With 14 x 3/32" bearing balls each side


  • Boron-steel, heat treated to 75HRA (+/-3) case hardness
  • With 9/16" x 20TPI threading

Retro Reflectors

  • Integrated in cage
  • Approved (BS, JIS, TPP) and in according to German StVZO regulations


  • 111* x 90 x 27 mm (*Length x Width x Height)
  • *Length = maximum pedal length while mounted (protruding out of the crank)


  • 364 g/pair


  • The pedal is certificated to meet the ISO standard
  • ISO 4210-8: "Cycles – Safety requirements for bicycles-Pedals and drive system test methods"


Installation & Maintenance:

  • For assembly and disassembly of your pedal please check the pedal assembly instructions
  • Check your pedal conditions before every ride
  • Change your pedals when the tread areas wear out
  • Adjustment and lubrication of the ball bearings is possible


  • A similar pedal is available as a "3 Component Pedal", with an aluminium centre body, a Polypropylene cage and TPE "non-slip" tread areas. Check SP-828 for more information.
  • Furthermore such a "3 Component Pedal" is available with a high-end CrMo axle and a lightweight sealed cartridge system. Check SP-2828 for more information.