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  • MG-01 - Mudguard ATB front + rear

    Plastic fender for 24" - 26" bikes
    Clips on and off quickly
    Includes necessary hardware
    Weight:267 gram/set
    Packing:20 pcs./carton box
  • MG-03 - Mudguard downtube

    Fender for downtube of MTB 22" - 26"
    Wide profile for more dirt protection, simple but effective
    Assembly by 2 anti-slip rubber woven straps
    Weight:90 gram/set
    Packing:50 pcs./carton box
  • MG-04F - Mudguard road racing front

    Road bike 700C and 26" front fender
    Light weight design
    Quick fi t by 2 long rubber straps
    Weight:69 gram/set
    Packing:50 pcs./carton box
  • MG-04R - Mudguard road racing rear

    Road bike 700C and 26" rear fender
    This mudguard fits to the seatpost, quick release system
    Adjustable angle bracket for closer fit
    Weight:165 gram/set
    Packing:50 pcs./carton box
  • MG-11F - Mudguard MTB front

    Mudguard that can be fitted to full suspension mountain bikes
    Mounts to the suspension fork
    Suitable for either 24" or 26" wheeled bikes
    Fits steering tubes from 18.5 - 25.4 mm
    Color:black / grey
    Weight:173 gram/set
    Packing:20 pcs./carton box
  • MG-11R - Mudguard MTB rear

    The rear mudguard's QR bracket fits any diameter of seatpost
    Dual Compound / Duo Tone construction
    Rear mudguard fits to 24-26" bikes
    Quick release system for seat post
    Color:black / grey
    Weight:214 gram/set
    Packing:20 pcs./carton box