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UNION® pedal mounting and dismounting instructions  PDF


  • For fitting or removing a pedal into or out of the crank of your bicycle you have to use a 15 mm (pedal) wrench. In the Marwi product range you will find a high quality Bike Tool pedal wrench BT-015. Check BT-015 for more information.
  • In case the pedal axle has a 6mm hexagon socket you can also use a 6mm Allen key for mounting and dismounting. In the Marwi "BikeTool" program you will find various high end >>folding Bike Tools<< with various Allen keys. For more information please check Collapsible Bike Tools.

Take Note

  • All the UNION® pedals are marked with an "L" for a left side pedal or an "R" for a right side pedal.
  • When you fit an L-marked ("left") pedal in the crank you have to turn the wrench to the left (counter-clockwise) and when you remove an L-marked ("left") pedal you have to turn the wrench to the right (clockwise).
  • When you fit an R-marked ("right") pedal in the crank you have to turn the wrench to the right (clockwise) and when you remove an R-marked ("right") pedal you have to turn the wrench to the left (counter-clockwise).
  • We advise a maximum torque of 35 Nm when fitting a pedal into the crank.
  • Most UNION® pedals come with approved retro-reflectors fitted on both sides. MARWI highly recommends you to equip the pedal at any time with these two retro-reflectors, if possible! Please take attention to the lighting regulations in the road traffic act of your country!



In case the "old" pedal is still in the crank:

  • Place the 15mm wrench on the wrench flats of the axle.
  • Turn the wrench to remove an L-marked ("left") pedal to the right (clockwise) and to dismount an R-marked ("right") pedal to the left (counter-clockwise) and unscrew the pedal(axle).
  • In case the pedal axle sticks, some penetrating oil might solve the problem.


In case the old pedal is removed or there is no pedal in the crank:

  • Take the new pedal and check if you have the correct pedal (left or right one) for the particular crank (bicycle side).
  • Put some grease on the thread. It makes the pedal easier to remove for future dismounting.
  • Turn the axle by hand first with the corresponding direction of rotation ("left" = counter-clockwise for an L-marked pedal / "right" = clockwise for an R-marked pedal) into the crank.
  • It is important to do this carefully because the threads get damaged easily!
  • If the thread of the pedal moves easily into the crank you shall continue by making at least 3 turns by hand.
  • Place the 15mm wrench on the wrench flats of the axle and continue to turn the axle in the particular direction until the threaded part of the axle fits complete into the crank.
  • The final torque shall be equal 35 Nm.


  • Change your pedals when the tread areas wear out!
  • Check your pedals before every ride for proper conditions!
  • Adjustment and lubrication of "ball type" and cartridge bearings is possible!