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  • MG-01 - Mudguard ATB front + rear

    Clips on and off quickly
    Plastic fender for 24", 26" bikes
    Includes necessary hardware
    Weight:267 gram/set
    Packing:20 pcs./carton box
  • MG-03 - Mudguard downtube

    Tool free downtube installation fits most bikes
    Wide profile for more dirt protection
    Simple but effective
    Weight:90 gram/set
    Packing:50 pcs./carton box
  • MG-04F - Mudguard road racing front

    Mounted using rubber strap
    Quick and simple to fit
    Narrow profile looks especially right on road bikes
    Weight:69 gram/set
    Packing:50 pcs./carton box
  • MG-04R - Mudguard road racing rear

    This mudguard fits to the seatpost
    Helps prevent water spraying off the rear wheel and up your back
    Adjustable angle bracket for closer fit
    Weight:165 gram/set
    Packing:50 pcs./carton box
  • MG-11F - Mudguard MTB front

    Mudguard that can be fitted to full suspension mountain bikes
    Mounts to the suspension fork
    Suitable for either 24" or 26" wheeled bikes
    Color:black / grey
    Weight:173 gram/set
    Packing:20 pcs./carton box
  • MG-11R - Mudguard MTB rear

    The rear mudguard's QR bracket fits any diameter of seatpost
    Dual Compound / Duo Tone construction
    Rear mudguard fits to 24-26" bikes
    Color:black / grey
    Weight:214 gram/set
    Packing:20 pcs./carton box