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UNION Bottom Bracket Cartridge

  • Bottom Bracket Cartridges

    • Bottom bracket set with
    • 2 HIGH END sealed bearings with
    • steel cups and incl. 2 bolts (CrMo 12.9)
    • Packing: in a hangerbox with round pin-hole
    • Packed as 10 sets in an innercarton, 20 sets per mastercarton
    • All cartridge BB set width: 68 mm
    BB-103 Axle lenght: 103,0 mm
    BB-107 Axle lenght: 107,0 mm
    BB-110 Axle lenght: 110,5 mm
    BB-113 Axle lenght: 113,0 mm
    BB-116 Axle lenght: 116,0 mm
    BB-117 Axle lenght: 117,5 mm
    BB-119 Axle lenght: 119,0 mm
    BB-120 Axle lenght: 120,0 mm
    BB-122 Axle lenght: 122,0 mm
    BB-124 Axle lenght: 124,5 mm
    BB-126 Axle lenght: 126,0 mm
    BB-127 Axle lenght: 127,5 mm
    BB-129 Axle lenght: 129,0 mm
    BB-131 Axle lenght: 131,5 mm