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MARWI's Product Research & Development

Bicycle components, developed and produced by MARWI, are noted for their functionality and durability thus meeting the rigorous requirements of today's biker.

Marwi Group's major focus in product development is innovative and modem design, which is demonstrated by the availability of multiple styles and colors.

Using the most current technology and materials, Marwi's R&D department is driven to create lightweight components while maintaining strength requirements.

The continuous observation of market trends allows us to offer quickly and specifically the products which our customers need. In addition, Marwi's R&D practices include working closely with our customers to develop and produce exclusive products. This allows Marwi to maintain and build strong relationships to meet future market demands.

Marwi Group is dedicated not only to meeting existing product standards and regulations but also to exceeding them.

Marwi Group's Research & Development Center is located in Germany, where our R&D engineers have a long-term experience on bicycle parts. They are developing products "around the bike", by using current CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) technologies.

A supporting R&D department, located at Marwi Taiwan, enhances the product development process by providing Marwi's manufacturing facilities with quality production molds and tools within a short lead-time. Extensive load testing and endurance tests complemented by in-process Quality Assurance at each location guarantees the quality of Marwi products.